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List of Figures and Tables

Published onMar 27, 2020
List of Figures and Tables

Figure 0.1  The Flint River

Figure 2.1  Water infrastructure from main to tap

Figure 2.2  The causal chain of the Flint water crisis

Table 3.1  Flint’s EFMs and EMs

Figure 3.1  Structure of Flint city government as specified in city charter and under emergency management

Figure 3.2  The Karegnondi water pipeline

Figure 4.1  Members of the FDDL protest changes by EM Darnell Earley to public comment rules

Figure 5.1  LeeAnne Walters presents her tap water to EM Jerry Ambrose

Figure 6.1  Town hall meeting at the “Dome” on January 21, 2015

Figure 6.2  Flyer for February 2015 water meetings hosted by the FDDL

Figure 6.3  Valentine’s Day march

Figure 6.4  Coalition for Clean Water files suit seeking return to Detroit water. Delivery of petitions to Mayor Dayne Walling

Figure 6.5  Water You Fighting For map

Figure 7.1  Banner outside a Flint home

Figure 8.1  Stories of residents featured on the Flint Rising website

Figure 8.2  America’s Heartbreakers action at the Flint Water Treatment Plant (May 16, 2016)

Figure 8.3  You Owe Me bottles delivered by Flint Rising activists to State Capitol

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