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Table of Thanks

Published onApr 08, 2020
Table of Thanks


Paul Newbourne

Senior Vice President, Operations

Audi AG

Hermann Krog

Executive Director of Logistics


Tim Harden

President, Supply Chain and Fleet Operations for AT&T Services, Inc.


Andreas Backhaus

Senior Vice President—Global Supply Chain and Process Innovation


Stefan Bartens

Vice President, Logistics Procurement


Robert Blackburn

President, Supply Chain Operations and Information Services


Dirk Hopmann

Vice President, Supply Chain Strategy


Thomas Nitzlader

Vice President, Service Center Distribution Logistics


Andreas Rausch

Vice President, Global Strategic Supply Chain Management and Governance


Steve Stair

Vice President, Supply Chain Service, North American Operations

BNSF Railway

David L. Freeman

Vice President Transportation


Kristen Rabe

General Director, Internal Communications

Boston Scientific

Mike Kalfopoulos

Senior Manager, Global Sourcing

C.H. Robinson

Steve Weiby

Vice President, Transportation


Kimberly Baxter

Head of Component Supply Risk Mitigation


Mary Gauthier

Head of Sustainability Communications


Bill Hall

Head of Sustainability


Scott Marcantonio

Head of Inbound Logistics


Amy Scott

Senior Manager, Global Sourcing


Dave Wheeler

Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain


Karen Ashley

Vice President, Supply Chain


Tom Bandoni

Senior Manager, Treasury, Risk Management


Edna Conway

Senior Director, Advanced Compliance and Social Responsibility, Customer Value Chain Management


Kristi Kilpatrick

Senior Public Relations Advisor, Supply Chain Operations


Nghi Luu

Senior Manager, Supply Chain Risk Management


Kathleen Shaver

Director, Sustainability and Risk


Carletta Ooton

Vice President, Global Technical Operations

Damco Int’l

Aaron Baker

Senior Director, Supply Chain


Rick Birch

Global Director, Operational Excellence


John Lund

Senior Vice President, Integrated Supply Chain Management

Dow AgroSciences

Dave Winstone

Global Supply Chain Expertise Leader

US Dept. of Homeland Security

Keith Holtermann

Director of FEMA’s National Exercise Division


Justin Legary

Supervisory IT Specialist at FEMA


Jalal Mapar

Director, Resilient Systems Division at FEMA


Doug Maughan

Director, Cyber Security Division, DHS Science and Technology Directorate


John Lund

Senior Vice President, Integrated Supply Chain Management

ETH Zurich

Didier Sornette

Professor and Chair of Entrepreneurial Risks

Expediters Int’l

Steve Grimmer

Senior Vice President, Account Management


Tim Griffin

General Manager, Milpitas Operations


Tom Linton

Chief Procurement and Supply Chain Officer


David Marks

Chief Strategy Officer

General Motors

Fred Brown

Director, Assembly and Stamping Plants


Bob Glubzinski

Manager of North America Scheduling and Order Fulfillment


Bill Hurles

Executive Director, Global Supply Chain


Matt Joshua

Executive Director, Electrical Systems, Batteries/Hybrids, New Technology


Christine Krathwohl

Executive Director, Global Logistics


Mike Lypka

Director, Powertrain Plants Global Supply Chain


Ron Mills

Director, GM Components Holding


Randy Pappal

Executive Director, Global Body/Exteriors


Annette Prochaska

Manager, Vehicle Scheduling


Marc Robinson

Assistant Director & Economist, Enterprise Risk Management


Anne Schneider

Director, North America Fulfillment and Risk Management


Rob Thom

Manager, Global Vehicle Engineering Operations


Katherine Worthen

Executive Director, Global Purchasing and Supply Chain—Chassis Systems


Terence O’Day

Senior Vice President, Chief Supply Chain Officer


Malcolm Harkins

Chief Information Security Officer


Tim Hendry

Vice President, Technology and Manufacturing Group, Director of Fab Materials


Jim Holko

Program Manager, Corporate Emergency Management


Frank Jones

Vice President and General Manager, Customer Fulfillment, Planning and Logistics


Steve Lund

Director of Security


Jim Kellso

Senior Supply Chain Master


Gary Niekerk

Director, Global Citizenship


Rotem Rayhany

Chief of Security, Kiryat Gat Fab


Tony Romero

General Manager, Customer Fulfillment Planning and Logistics


Jeff Selvala

Director, Assembly Test Global Materials


Wendy Spratt

Consumer Products Logistics Group


Jacklyn Sturm

Vice President, Technology and Manufacturing; General Manager, Global Sourcing and Procurement


Dovev Viess

FMS Manager, Israel and Russia

International Association of Insurance Supervisors

Daniel Hofmann

Economic Counsellor


Joe McBeth

Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Johnson Controls

Jelle Van Der Haak

Senior Manager Materials and Logistics, Logistics Purchasing, Product Business Unit Foam, Automotive Experience


Michael Harsh

Executive Director, Supply Chain


Robert C. Melcher

Director of Supply Chain Management, Product Group Metals and Mechanisms, Automotive Experience


Armando X. Murillo

Director of Supply Chain Management, Product Group Metals and Mechanisms, Automotive Experience


Derrick Redding

Automotive Systems, CBU Finance

Juniper Networks

Joe Carson

Global Operations Executive


Steve Darendinger

Vice President, Worldwide Procurement


Dmitri Kamensky

Regional Vice President, Eastern Europe


Cara Chacon

Director of Social &and Environmental Responsibility

Procter & Gamble

Cath Malseed

Director of Coffee Supply


Stefano Zenezini

Vice President, Product Supply, Beauty Care


Adrian Neuhauser



Bindiya Vakil

CEO and Founder

Ryder Systems

Gary Allen

Vice President of Engineering


Barbara Kux

Head of Supply Chain Management and Member of the Managing Board


Troy Alstead

Chief Operating Officer


Cliff Burrows

Group President, U.S., Americas and Teavana


John Culver

Group President, Starbucks Coffee China and Asia Pacific, Channel Development and Emerging Brands


Kelly Goodejohn

Director of Ethical Sourcing


Steven Lovejoy

Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain


Deverl Maserang

Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain


Craig Russell

Executive Vice President, Global Coffee

Tel Aviv University

Kobi Peleg

Professor, Head of the Program for Emergency Management


Gili Shenhar

Director of the Academic Program for Emergency Management


Charlie Covert

Vice President, Global Customer Solutions


Patrick McGivern

Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain


Mariano Legaz

Vice President, Sourcing


Viju Menon

Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Services


Bill Roesch

Manager, Supply Chain Services


David Blackorby

Senior Vice President, Global Security Operations


Mark Cooper

Senior Director of Global Emergency Management


Elizabeth Fretheim

Director, Business Strategy and Sustainability—Logistics


Tracy Rosser

Senior Vice President, Transportation


Ken Senser

Senior Vice President, Global Security, Aviation and Travel


Chris Sultemeier

Executive Vice President, Logistics


Andrea Thomas

Senior Vice President, Sustainability

Washington State DOT

Barbara Ivanov

Director, Freight Strategy and Policy

Zurich Insurance

Linda Conrad

Director of Strategic Business Risk

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