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Published onApr 16, 2020

I should like to thank my family for their constant support over the years, particularly my dear wife Janell, who patiently endured my research trips, formatted charts, and provided consistent encouragement. Thanks to my stepfather John Tennyson (Jack) McLeod, my mother Cynthia, my sister Adrienne, and my dear grandparents Douglas Cameron (D.C.) Thomas and Margaret (Arla) MacKay Thomas (dec.). I also thank the entire Harvey and Barounes clans for their warmth and support, particularly Maria and Gerry Harvey, and Edna Barounes (dec.). Thanks to Christina Greenough for her work on the index.

Thanks to my wonderful colleagues at The Colorado College for their friendship, intellectual camaraderie, and occasional critiques. My gratitude to Dr. Heinz Geppert for his assistance in translating several documents from archaic German. I should also like to thank Steve Tauber, Johnathan Daly, and Mark Amen of the University of South Florida, who provided valuable intellectual engagement and friendship during my early years in Florida.

Further, I owe a great debt to Steve Morse of the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University. Steve was instrumental in bringing me to Columbia for my post-doctoral work, and in my occasional returns since those early days. He has been profoundly influential in his support of the health and security debate, and in fostering global cooperation to prepare for emerging disease threats. Insight and encouragement was also provided by Daniel Deudney of the Department of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University. Dan’s brave intellectual forays into republican theory provided a significant impetus to my work in recent years. I should also like to note the persistent intellectual influence of my doctoral advisor David A. Welch, and also that of Louis Pauly, Franklyn Griffiths, Salim Mansur, and Mark Zacher.

The research for this volume was supported by various grants and awards over the years. Generous patrons of this work include the Social Science Executive Committee, the Dean’s Office at The Colorado College, the Christian-Johnson Foundation, the Benezet Award, the Mrachek Award, Asian Studies, and all of The Colorado College. Additional support was provided by the Center for Globalization of the University of South Florida, the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Department of Defense, and the World Affairs Councils of the United States. Finally I should like to thank my research assistants, Carmen Huckel, Rachel Shaffer, and Carlie Armstrong. I am grateful for the kind assistance I received from the library staff at the Statsbiobliothek Berlin, and at the Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek in Vienna. Finally, I should like to express my appreciation for the patience and diligence of my editors, Clay Morgan and Paul Bethge, and to the entire staff of the MIT Press.

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